Joe Rey Photography

Joe Rey Photography

Photography: For me it’s about viewing life and the everyday ordinary through the magical lens of a camera. A moment captured eternally in the click of a button. Photography is expression of art and art is truth in its rawest form – viewed through the eye of the beholder.

Me(!): I’m an amateur photographer living in the beautiful and historic county of Cambridgeshire. I took up photography as a hobby in 2015. I guess the blame for this lies with my best friend and fellow nature-lover, Murphy. Murphy is an energetic, and curious French Bulldog. Walking him around the amazing countryside in the village of Cambourne where I live, I started to really take notice of my surroundings. That led to me wanting to capture these dog-walking moments on film.

Skip forward to 2017 and I’m getting a little better at the capturing part and the boundaries of my photo-graphical subjects and themes has increased tremendously.

The end result is, I hope, something that offers enjoyment and inspiration to other amateur photographers, hobbyists, and nature lovers alike.

The world is full of beauty – go out and explore for yourselves…


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