There is a claim in tonight's Cambridge News (8/5/04) that there is a proposal to build an Olympic sized swimming pool in Cambourne

Don't hold your breath, planning have just turned down an application for an ice rink because Cambourne was not the right place for it.

It would be impossible to make this happen, no village or even a town would be able to afford such a facilty, it was only Cambridge University that were able to propose the Ice rink as they had a massive donation to build one

This is raising expectations too much in my opinion, the most we could hope for in the future would be a small pool and this would require a considerable commitment, I do not know of a similar community, even with 5000 homes - as the developer has ambitions to build, has achieved anything like it.

I am told it has now been been put to a committee meeting of Sporting Cambourne, who have indicated support

The 106 legal agreement does not specify any ownership of the Local Sports Hall due at 2000 homes, and could be owned and run by a commercial company. The developer were supporting the Ice rink consortium who would have had to pay to build the sports hall too.

If you asked if people would like a swimming pool I think you would get a resounding yes, including me. But you have to be realistic, we are still a very small community.

If we had a village college then I guess a pool might be provided in that. Unfortunately it was decided that the investment from the developer was directed to Comberton VC where facilities have been improved. Pools are VERY expensive to run, even assuming you could raise the cost of building it. I undestand that each time someone goes swimming at Parkside it costs the City Council 3 in subsidies.

If the developers get permission for Cambourne enhanced then a third primary school would be required, this might open up an opportunty for a small pool but it is a double edged sword. Do we want to remain a village ? I guess this decision will be taken out of our hands at the public inquiry next month.

For information

For everyone who attends the Parkside pool in Cambridge it costs the City Council 3 EVERY time they swim

There is an Olympic size pool in Norwich, on the University campus and that is to serve our area I believe.

The Norwich one cost 17.5 million to build although it included lots of other goodies which are necessary to make it pay. The land cost was not shown in the cost since it is part of the University.

""" Sport England have proposed a facilities plan for the provision of Olympic sized swimming pools, in association with the Amateur Swimming Association. In which the assessment of the most appropriate location and geographical coverage are central to decisions being made on final location. Sport England ensure that the key factors needed to sustain a pool of Olympic size are taken into account, including: a critical mass of population to sustain its use; whether the configuration of the pool to Olympic scale best meets the needs for the local population; and the location and needs of high performance swimmers.

There are currently ONLY 11 50m pools in England (including two under construction). Sport England have given in principal Lottery support to proposals for a new 50m pool in Loughborough. Sport England's facilities plan identifies the need for new 50m pools in the North East, Merseyside, Birmingham, Portsmouth, London and Leeds. The demand for a high performance swimming centre at Sheffield is also under consideration.

Group floats new pool plan

Published on 08 May 2004 in the Cambridge Evening News

AN Olympic-sized swimming pool might be built in Cambourne.

Local people are carrying out a survey to gauge support for the idea and initial plans are being drawn up for the pool which, it is hoped, could form part of a large sports complex.

Sporting Cambourne, which is made up of local people, has come up with the idea. It plans to approach developers - the Cambourne Consortium - with a plan once a feasibility study has been completed.

The consortium is committed to building a multipurpose sports centre, including two halls, squash courts, fitness room and a health suite, when the 2,000th dwelling is occupied.

Sporting Cambourne hopes enhanced facilities could be provided with additional funding from the Lottery, Amateur Swimming Association and other sources.

David Morgan, of Sporting Cambourne, said: "What we are looking at is a feasibility study in view of putting in quite a large sporting complex."

He said small-scale consultations had already revealed support for a pool, additional to the one at the Cambridge Belfry hotel which opens on June 1.

"We have started to look at an Olympic-size swimming pool because there is not one anywhere," he said. "But it might not be what local people want because it might bring too many people into Cambourne."

He said the consortium would be approached to discuss land and funding when a plan was finalised.

"It is going to be a long process because it has to be done right," he said. "We will be taking our time on it.

"When we do approach the developers with the scheme we have got to work with them - it is their site but it is our home."

David Chare, Cambourne Consortium's project director, said: "This is an interesting proposal and one that demonstrates the passion and commitment of the residents to making Cambourne an exceptional place to live.

"I will welcome the results of the feasibility study and the opportunity to look at this proposal in more depth."

An ice rink at the planned sports centre in Cambourne was turned down last month by South Cambridgeshire District Council.