The main objective of this website is to provide local information to the residents of Cambourne in South Cambridgeshire. It will:

  • contain the latest news deemed relevant to the community
  • be a “one stop shop” for Cambourne residents to find all the community information they need to participate in community life
  • publicise local events
  • answer the “How do I?”; “Where do I?”; and “How can I?” type questions as relevant to the locality and the community

Cambourne.info will also list as many local Cambourne-based businesses as possible. However this directory will not be a platform for advertising or recommending.

The website Cambourne.info was originally created by one of the first residents namely, Roger Hume, in the early days of Cambourne (from mid 1990’s) to fulfil the need for basic local information for newcomers and to start a community spirit in the newly built settlement. Roger also created a Facebook group of the same name, which gradually took over from the website as social media became more embedded in people’s everyday lives. The website was eventually ‘archived’.

After Roger’s death in February 2015, his widow Pam approached several residents with the idea of reviewing the website and making it more relevant to the community of today as Cambourne had grown significantly since those early days.

Between May and October 2016, several meetings led by the creator and joint organisers of the Cambourne Information Sessions, Ruth Betson and Emma Cooper took place with residents, Parish Councillors and the Cambourne Crier Editorial Team to discuss Pam’s idea and to see whether enough people were interested in embarking on a project to reintroduce a community information website to Cambourne. Finally in October 2016 Ruth and Emma found Shovan Sargunam, a resident and website developer who was interested in the project and in January 2017, John Panrucker (former Secretary to the Cambourne Parish Plan Steering Committee) joined the group. After a series of informal meetings, in July 2017, the group recognised the need to give structure to the workings of the project and agreed to establish a committee with its own terms of reference. The website was officially launched in September 2017 at the Cambourne Community Fete.

The premise of Cambourne.info is still to provide local information and endeavour to create a sense of community for Cambourne residents – this is Roger Hume’s legacy.

Ruth, Emma, Shovan and John hope you enjoy the newly updated website! Please contact us if you can’t find the answer to your question or if you think something is wrong.
This website is a labour of love and will continue to evolve as the information in Cambourne changes.

Cambourne Community Website Steering Committee

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