Corona Virus: Cambourne’s Volunteer Task Force
Uniting volunteers in response to COVID-19

We are a team of Volunteers to help the community as the threat of COVID-19 increases.
The volunteer group includes members from Cambourne Crescent, Cambourne Church, the Town Councillors, community groups, local supermarkets and most importantly many ordinary local residents.

If you are concerned about going out or need any help, we have volunteers who are able to assist our most vulnerable in Cambourne and neighbouring villages.

We also have trustworthy volunteers who are happy to talk over the phone to those who are in isolation, as this will be extremely important for people living alone.

If you are, or know someone that is self-isolating that is:
– 70 years or over
– has an underlying heath condition
– or pregnant
– has no support network,
please contact Cambourne Volunteer Task Force to arrange help with:  shopping; collection of prescription; odd jobs (e.g. take letter to postbox).

Need help or would like to volunteer?  Please get in touch.
Fill in the enquiry form on the website or drop an email with your name and phone number to:

Email: or