Cambourne to Cambridge

Project Summary
The Cambourne to Cambridge scheme aims to deliver improved, faster and more reliable bus services, together with high-quality cycling and walking facilities and a new Park & Ride site, for people traveling into Cambridge from towns and villages to the west.

The project will provide improved public transport links – connecting people to places of employment, study and key services – and help existing and new communities along the A428 grow sustainably in the coming years.

Between now and 2031, 8,800 new homes are planned between Cambridge and St Neots along this route as part of the Local Plans, with 3,500 more houses to the east of St Neots due by 2036.

By providing new travel choices, and as an alternative to the car, the Cambourne to Cambridge scheme will help manage growing congestion on the A428 and ensure people have good access to opportunities in the Cambridge area.

The scheme is ear-marked for completion within the next five to 10 years.

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