You may notice that some street lights are not working or faulty?

If the street light is on an adopted road: Report the fault to the Cambridgeshire County Council.
Go to the Cambridgeshire County Council website and fill in the applicable form (see link below).
The submitted form will go directly to the local officer for the area and will also be logged onto the system for future reference and ensure your street light issue is recorded and dealt with according to their customer response standards.
Link to form:

If the street light is on an un-adopted road: It is likely to be the responsibility of the developers.
Report the fault to the Cambourne Town Council offices with as much detail as possible (i.e. the exact location, the issue with the street light, are there any numbers on the street light etc.) by:
Tel: 01954 714403 or Email:

NOTE: Some street lights are the responsibility of a housing association or management company.