Hi, my name is Kristy, ToddlerCalm consultant, mummy to Lana (Born April 2015) and wife to James, we live in Cambourne, 20 mins west of Cambridge.

ToddlerCalm is here to help, we offer support to parents of children aged 1 to 4 years of age with a range of workshops, courses and 1:1 consultations.

ToddlerCalm originated from a parenting book written by Sarah Ockwell Smith. She wrote about the development of the toddlers brain and uses evidence-based research to describe how different parenting approaches have an effect on toddlers behaviour and their developing brain. It is from this book that ToddlerCalm parenting workshops and courses are devised. The workshops help parents understand their toddler better, offers group support, as well as research and techniques to help in those tricky situations. ToddlerCalm looks holistically at the toddler and the surrounding environment rather than just the specific challenging behaviour.

Each workshop has two main sections, the first looks at the science behind your toddlers brain development and evidence based research to help you understand your toddlers better, and the second part offers techniques and tools that can be used at home to create a calmer environment.

>  The Toddler Behaviour workshop (4hrs) looks at how their brain develops and the impact this has on their behaviour and how parenting approaches can have an effect on the developing brain.
>  The Toddler Eating workshop (3hrs) looks at why toddlers eat the way they do and what approaches will improve their relationship with food, both short and long term.
>  The Toddler Sleep workshop (3hrs) looks at the development of the brain and how this can effect their sleep.
>  The Building Better Brains workshop (4hrs) looks at how parenting and play can literally shape toddlers brains for the future.
>  The Toddler Parenting course (12hrs) covers all of the above in three sessions.

Visit ‘CalmFamily Cambourne’ on Facebook to find out more, to ask me questions or find out when the next dates for workshops and courses are and visit my Website to book your place or register interest in a workshop that is not yet scheduled.