Allotment at Crow Hill by Darcy Simpson

There are two allotment sites in Cambourne:
>  Crow Hill (68 plots) in Great Cambourne; and
>  Brace Dein (107 plots) in Upper Cambourne.

Both allotment sites are managed by the Parish Council who look after the administration of the sites and the maintenance of the general areas.
Regular inspections are made of the allotment sites to check on the cultivation of the plots.

The tenancy agreement requires tenants to have at least:
–  1/4 of the allotment plot under cultivation of crops after 3 months; and
–  3/4 of the plot under cultivation of crops after 12 months and thereafter.

As at May 2018 charges per year are £20 per plot adjusted pro-rata for half and double plots.

The allotments are accessed via locked gates (tenants are given the code).
There are water taps on site.

For more information about the allotment sites and plots contact the Parish Council offices, The Hub, High Street, Cambourne CB23 6GW.

Tel: 01954 714 403


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