Are you interested in trying out Balkan country dance?

Cambourne Balkan Dance Club is a friendly folk dance circle based in Cambourne.

Folk dances from Balkan nations of south-east Europe are characterised with circular formation, energetic and intricate steps, and lively musics. The young and old, men and women, all enjoy dances in social and joyful occasions.

Every Sunday, amateur enthusiasts gather in Cambourne to practice the dances and have fun together. The current dance repertoire includes a variety of dances from mainly Bulgaria and Greece. Members can propose dances from any Balkan nations to be added.

Some of the dancers are beginners, others are experienced, all are welcoming and keen to share their enthusiasm and expertise. Typically, easier dances are played in the earlier part of the session, saving the more difficult dances for later.

Everyone is welcome. No booking is required, just show up!

For more information about the time, venue and fee for the meet-ups, please visit the club’s website.