Cambourne Cultural Society (CCS) was constituted by members of the British Indian community in Cambourne in 2010 as a means to bring some of the colours and flavours of the subcontinent closer to home.
The society aims at promoting Indian culture, language and arts in the local area and celebrating the multicultural society we live in.
We are driven by the belief that culture and arts can open the gates for community integration and serve as a powerful force in bringing people together.
The society celebrates some of the major Indian festivals, a summer event (picnic, sports day activities) and usually a Christmas/New Year party.

You’ll find more details on our website events pages. CCS also has an affiliate cricket team run by the members of the society who meet up during summers for friendlies with other local teams. The affairs of the society are managed by a steering committee, selected from among the members on a need basis.


For more information see website below.