Cambourne Tang Soo Do is a traditional form of martial arts originating from South Korea.
We welcome students of all ages from 6 years upwards, and all abilities.

There is a syllabus to work through from beginner to black belt, containing forms or hyungs, self defense and the dynamic hand and foot techniques, students who progress to brown belt will then start to train with weapons.
Gradings are held three times per year and in-house so only local travel is required.

We are a friendly club training at The Hub Community Centre, Cambourne on Monday evenings from 6.45 to 8.15pm, class prices are kept low as this club is not run as a business or franchise:

Adults – £4 per session
Children £3 per session
Families £5 per session
Pay as you train with no monthly subscriptions.

All instructors are fully licensed and insured, first aid trained and have a child protection policy.
Martial Arts is a great way to improve both your fitness and learn a life skill.

Contact: Ade Collen – Lead Instructor and 4th Dan Master

Tel: 07966 346 273


Please check our website below for more information.