Cambourne Status
At a meeting of the Cambourne Parish Council on Tuesday, 5th March 2019 the Cambourne Parish Council voted to become Cambourne Town Council to represent a Town of four villages, Great Cambourne, Lower Cambourne, Upper Cambourne and when developed, West Cambourne.
This decision comes on the 20th Anniversary of the first resident moving into Cambourne.
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Cambourne Town Council
Cambourne is the largest town within the South Cambridgeshire district, comprising the villages of Lower, Great and Upper Cambourne, with an approximate population of 12,000 people and 4,300+ homes. Once the current consents have been completed in 2033 Cambourne is planned to have 7,120 homes (approx 19,650 residents).

The Town Council is the tier of local government closest to the people and is responsible for balancing the precept, supporting the local economy and providing quality amenities and services for the benefit of the residents.
The second tier of government for Cambourne is South Cambridgeshire District Council and the third tier is Cambridgeshire County Council.

From May 2018* the number of Councillors increased from 13 to 19. They are elected every 4 years, meet every first Tuesday of the month (except August) to discuss issues which are then, as applicable, delegated to three committees:
–  Planning
–  Leisure & Amenities
–  Finance & Policy.

Anyone can go to a Council meeting to listen. Residents  are  welcome  to  address  a Council meeting before  it  formally  starts  on  any matter  on  the  agenda.
If  you  have something  else  you would  like  to  raise,  please contact  the  Town Clerk  at  least  10  days before hand.

*Elections 2018 see here

To Contact the The Town Council :

Tel:  01954 714 403


Location: The Hub, High Street, Cambourne CB23 6GW

Spotted a problem in Cambourne? If you’ve spotted some graffiti, vandalism, or anything else in Cambourne that you think the Council should know about, this is your place to Report It.

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