Indian Foodie Kitchen
An authentic and eco friendly way of home dining comes to Papworth Everard.
Try our lip-smacking thali packed full of flavours from across the Indian sub continent served in an eco friendly packaging which can be used for storage and reheating leftovers (we doubt you can leave any!).

Thinking about those calories? Our curries are not laden with oil floating on them. Authentic Indian Food from Indian Foodie Kitchen uses tried and tested recipes which are not only tasty but also healthy.
We try to get locally sourced vegetables and meat and combine them with spices sourced directly from India when in season.
(Some of them are hand picked and blended by experts including my Mom!)

So are you ready for a taste adventure? We will be starting a FRIDAY ONLY SERVICE taking a few orders to start with “on a first come first serve basis“.

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Non Veggie or Vegan Thali £10/person
Veggie or Vegan Thali £10/person.
A Thali will consists of a starter, curry, side, pilau rice and pickle.