Local Plan – Local Green Space Designation – March 2018.  From Cllr Ruth Betson’s article in the Cambourne Crier,  March 2018 issue:

I know there have been some concerns on the other Facebook groups about certain green areas in Cambourne being “deleted” from the Local Plan and possible housing development put on them instead. I hope to relieve your concerns and explain the actual situation.

Firstly, none of these spaces have been removed from the Local Plan: they were never in the Local Plan as Local Green Space (LGS) is actually a new designation. A list of green areas was proposed by the Parish Council, supported by the District Council and the developers, but the sheer acreage involved – we’re very lucky in Cambourne! – is too much for LGS designation. However, all the green space is or will be owned by either the Parish Council or the Wildlife Trust and various covenants applied mean that no houses can be built on these spaces.

Here’s a bit more info from the Parish Clerk: “The Parish Council (with the support of the developers and District Council) had tried to get a number of open spaces designated as Local Green Spaces (LGS), but the Planning Inspector was concerned that too large an area was being designated so only agreed that 8 out of the 19 sites put forward should be LGS. Some of the other sites have been designated as Protected Village Amenity Area (PVA) which has its own protection against development. SC-MM268g and SC-MM268h were two of the areas removed as these had not been developed as a country park yet and were of an extensive size. These two areas are not down to be developed and have planning condition on them from the 950 extra dwellings consent (at Upper Cambourne) that states that if the area is not developed as a golf course (they have been struggling to get anyone interested in opening a new course on the site) it has to be laid out as a Country Park (this will be transferred to the Parish Council’s ownership). These areas like all the other areas are or will be in the ownership of the Parish Council or the Wildlife Trust. In the transfers we are prevented from using it for any other purpose without consent for at least 25 years and in some cases 80 years. The new Local Plan will start to be reviewed in 2019 and the Parish Council will try and get the LGS extended to further areas as part of the review and will not request any to be removed.”

A final word on the golf course that all of us were “sold” when we bought our houses: so far no business has found it to be commercially viable to have a golf course in this location, simply because there are several golf courses in the vicinity (Bourn for example). However as mentioned above, this land will be transferred to the Parish Council and kept as a country park for the enjoyment of all. I hope this explains everything and alleviates your concerns!