Although it’s very annoying to be disturbed by a barking dog if it’s out of character it’s always advisable to check on the house occupants. Dogs are very loyal to their owners and will often bark to alert a problem. If you are concerned about the house occupants you can always ring 101, use the 101 live Webchat or 999 if you believe it may be an emergency.

101 Live Webchat:

We will provide help to people who want to complain about a barking dog – and to those who require help with their own barking dog.

You need to tell us:

your name and address
the name and address of the dog owner
Barking dog complaints are investigated and dealt with by our officers in the Environmental Protection Team.

Email the Animal Welfare and Pest Control team at
Call 01223 457890

You will be asked to fill in a diary sheet with the dates, times and duration and the way in which it causes a nuisance to you.