Dangerous dogs should be reported to the police rather than the council. Telephone Cambridgeshire Police on 101.

However, it can also be beneficial to let the dog warden know of any incidents where a dog attacks a person, or another dog, as they may have supporting evidence that could help the police deal with your complaint.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, it is an offence to allow any dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place or in a private place where it is not permitted to be. The law does not require the dog to have injured anyone prior to action being taken; an offence will be judged to have been committed if there are grounds for reasonable apprehension that the dog is likely to attack someone.

To let the dog warden know about a dangerous dog you have reported to Cambridgeshire Police, please provide the incident or crime number and email dogwarden@cambridge.gov.uk or telephone the dog warden on 01223 457900. The dog warden is available Monday to Friday during normal working hours.