Failing to clear up dog fouling is a criminal offence. The maximum penalty on conviction is a fine not exceeding £1,000. This includes fouling on open land, roads, footpaths or grass verges.

We provide bins specifically for the disposal of dog waste, but you can also use any litter bin in the city, as long as the dog poo is contained within a bag. To find your nearest bin you can check our litter and dog bin map.

Free dog poo bags are available at our offices at Mandela House and the Guildhall as well as the majority of our community centres.

It’s no defence to say that you had nothing to clean up with: always carry a poop scoop and a bag.
Report dog fouling

To request dog poo be cleared up:

Call: 01223 458282
Email: Streets&
If you witness a person failing to clear up dog poo

Call: 01223 457900
You need to tell us:

the name and address of the offender (if known)
a brief description of the dog, the owner or a car registration number
if you know them to walk at a regular time each day
You must be sure that you have actually seen them allow their dog to foul and fail to clear up – you can’t assume that because a person walks the same way each day it’s their dog causing the mess.

All taken from Cambridge County council website-