South Cambridgeshire is split into wards.  As of May 2018, the number of Councillors representing communities on South Cambridgeshire District Council decreased from 57 to 45.
All South Cambridgeshire District Council residents were able to vote on 3 May 2018, to elect 45 District Councillors to represent 26 newly revised wards.
Under the new ward boundaries for South Cambridgeshire, Cambourne is now a ward in its own right represented by three Councillors.
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The next District election will take place in May 2022

Note: Prior to May 2018, Cambourne was part of the ward of Bourn, which also included Caxton, Croxton and Eltisley. Bourn ward at this time was represented by three District Councillors.

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The District Council is responsible for services including:
–  council tax payments and benefits
–  bin collections
–  housing and housing benefits
–  council leisure facilities
–  environmental health
–  residential planning.

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